5 Tips for Planning a Successful Romantic Getaway

Imagining yourself with your loved one on a beautiful island, sharing sweet memories, and having some inspiring intimacy is easier said than done. Planning a successful romantic getaway might take some time. That’s why we’ll explore in this first article of the — “romance, wedding and honeymoon series” — the 5 tips you need to know for a memorable romantic getaway.

1. Do Romance your Way

Romance is what you want, not what other social norms set for you. In other words, think about what your perfect romantic getaway would look like from your own perspective and according to your preferences.

Watching different YouTube videos and Instagram feeds of couples sharing a romantic getaway in the Bahamas might seem cool, but maybe not for you. It all depends on your preferences and the likings of your partner.

2. Choose Romantic Activities

Choosing romantic activities might seem complicated at first. But, think of it this way: everything that you enjoy doing alone is romantic when it’s done with your loved one. For instance, long walks alone won’t feel the same way it does when you’re with your partner.

Similarly, skiing or hiking are also romantic activities that you can consider. Remember, that you should do romance your way instead of a romantic day while eating popcorn that movies promote. Romantic activities depend on your relationship.

Nevertheless, don’t push it too hard. Rose petals across a bedspread or candlelit dinner are also a romantic gesture that you should consider. Feel free to try out different activities and learn from your experience; the more you try, the better it will get in the future.

3. Choose a Romantic Destination

A romantic destination is the most important factor in your romantic getaway and you should wisely choose your next location. That said, if the Bahamas or Hawaii is on the top list of your list, then why not? Most importantly, you should feel like you really want it. In other words, don’t choose your location because it’s a stereotype for romantic getaways.

Ironically, some destinations are always a good choice even if they are stereotypes. For instance, romance in Paris or Venice isn’t arguable, and you’ll rarely find couples who didn’t enjoy a romantic date there.

4. Make your loved one feel like a Queen/King

Want to make your partner feel like a king or a queen? Well, these two usually live in castles. That said, planning a trip to a love-history-rich castle might be a good idea for your romantic getaway. Again, this highly depends on your preferences, so get a pen and paper and do some brainstorming. Besides, there are hundreds of hotel castles you can pay a visit to in Europe or the U.S.

5. Ask

Yes, it’s that simple. If you are comfortable enough to ask your partner about his or her perfect romantic trip then do. This will enable you to see from their perspectives—and no, it won’t be boring. In fact, this will enable you to become creative enough with your romantic trip and plan it accordingly.


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